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January 2022

1/25/2022 8:57am

MFPD PSA – Burn Piles 

The County has experienced two wildland fires already, one today in Garden Valley and another in El Dorado Hills several days ago. Vegetation remains dry and a burn pile escape can easily happen, especially with the onset of winds and low humidity. Please use caution when burning and follow these precautions:

1. Have a burn permit- Info can be found at our website (main page-red box right side).

2. Don’t burn without checking burn day status (same location on MFPD website).

3. Follow all burn permit requirements.

4. Have a water supply (hose) and shovel nearby.

5. Maintain 4 foot pile diameter and 10 foot clearance around the pile(s).

6. Maintain a person in attendance until fire is dead out.

7. Don’t burn if weather conditions are such that burning can be considered unsafe (winds)

If we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to call Station 75 @ 530-626-9017. For any emergency situation dial 9-1-1