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Chief's Report

Calls for Service: March 21-April 24
Escape Control Burn- 1
Smoke Check- 1
Fire/CO Alarm- 1
Medical Aid- 5 (1 small child helicopter transported)
Vehicle Accident- 1
Public Assist: 6

The District now has FEMA approval to purchase a list of $85,000 of needed equipment. The funds, left over from the 2018 AFG Training Grant, will purchase a set of Hurst battery powered extrication tools ($45k), a set of heavy lift air bags, Rescue 42 vehicle stabilization jacks (1 and 1 purchased by MVFA), thermal imaging camera, 3000 feet of 2.5 inch hose, and 2 multi gas detectors. This is a tremendous benefit to the District, to increase capability of response and training opportunities for our staff with top of the line equipment.

Previous Fire Boards have been concerned about “leaving money on the table” in reference to our grants, but diligent research revealed that we can use excess grant funds for FEMA approved priority equipment. We are in the process of purchasing $10,000 of wildland equipment from the Cal Fire administered “50-50” grant. This is an annual grant we receive which allows us to purchase PPE and firefighting equipment, primarily, but not limited to wildland fire operations. Equipment must be purchased prior to June 30. A new grant application for next year has been submitted to Cal Fire. The grant is typically for $20,000 (10k District/10k Cal Fire reimbursement), but this year there were so many applicants that Cal Fire cut back our award to $10,000. Our new application was for equipment and PPE amounting to $20,000.

We would like to welcome new firefighters Daniel Wolfe and Tony Christensen, who are going through wildland fire training to receive their “red card”. Daniel is an experienced and credentialed wildland firefighter, also with rural volunteer fire department experience out of state, who resides in Camino. Daniel is married and has two children. Tony is a Support Group member, who has the time now to receive firefighter training and to participate with shift coverage and OES deployments. Tony resides in our Community, which benefits our response capabilities. We would also like to welcome Tristen Jones to our Explorer program. He is a very intelligent and enthusiastic young man who would like to have a career in the fire service.

A special thank you to Taffy Warner, for her generous contribution of professional upholstery repair on our command vehicle. The worn and torn drivers seat was restored to brand new condition. Taffy has served on the Fire Board, the Grand Jury and is an active, valued Support Group member. Taffy provides a high level of support for all of us.

A reminder the next Firefighters Pancake Breakfast is this Saturday 4/29 from 8-10am. The breakfast will also be the unveiling of the District’s new and improved website, provided by Streamline.

County DOT has announced the closure of the Mosquito Bridge the weekend of May 6th, for the delivery and assembly of a large crane for the new bridge construction. The press release from County DOT is attached. DOT also is planning for an 8-10 week closure of the existing bridge (beginning in mid-July) and Mosquito Road for annual repairs. We are working with DOT to plan for road access (and ingress by Sheriff’s Deputies) in the event of a community evacuation for a wildland fire incident. Mosquito Road is the primary escape route for vehicles able to legally cross the current bridge.

The annual community evacuation drill is planned for Saturday May 20th from 10-1130am (flyer attached). The exercise simulates where residents will go in the event Mosquito Road to the bridge is closed and Rock Creek Road is restricted to incoming fire engines and law enforcement only. The area designated for public gathering is the safest location if the airport area is impacted by a fast-moving fire. Vehicles will be parked in an orderly fashion on the runway, away from the public gathering area. It is anticipated that if a fire impacts the airport area, it will ignite combustible material all over the area, including the aircraft hangers and surrounding dry vegetation. The exercise also helps to maintain our community status as a Firewise USA Community, designated and developed by the National Fire Protection Association. Following the Evacuation Drill, the Second Annual Chili Cook-Off will begin at noon (see flyer).

Fire Board members Don Stever and Dan Hunt have attended two meetings with board representatives and
the fire chiefs from Georgetown and Garden Valley Fire Districts, to discuss ideas of how the three districts can work better together in the near and distant future. A third meeting will be scheduled soon.

Firefighter Heidi Glockner and Firefighter trainee Austin Eby (US Air Force Active Reserve) are attending EMT-1 academy, funded by our FEMA grant. Graduation is set for June 9th. Heidi and Austin are scheduled for their paramedic ambulance ride-along shifts soon (Stockton AMR). Firefighters Cole and Kyle Caudle continue their
EMT training, which they will complete in the late Spring. Four EMTs will be ready for duty for the beginning of fire season.

Wildland fire training begins in April as we get ready for Fire Season 2023. As the weather improves, increased caution must be taken with outside burning. Please refrain or use extreme caution when burning during windy conditions. Vegetation is already dry. Cal Fire will be resuming burn permits soon. Depending on weather and fuel conditions, Cal Fire will transition to a burn ban for fire season. We are happy to conduct an interior or exterior fire safety inspection upon your request. Please contact Chief Rosevear @ 707-490-2138.

Below is a list of important dates. Training is changed to Saturdays while we get new firefighters through mandated wildland fire training. Community members are welcome to come, observe training and meet our personnel. CERT basic training will resume on Saturday April 29th.

Our Fire District staff is fully committed to our Community. We stand ready to assist our residents with any needs they may have, to prepare, support and provide the most up to date information. Please call us at 530-626-9017 or stop by the station.

This concludes my report. I will continue to update our projects and report progress. We appreciate the great support we receive from the Community and its commitment to being prepared. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call me at the fire station (626-9017) or email

Upcoming Events:
Thursday April 27- Fire Board Meeting- 7pm- Station 75
Saturday April 29- Pancake Breakfast 8am-10am
Saturday April 29- MFPD Firefighter Wildland Training- 8am- Station 75
Saturday April 29- Support Group Monthly training and CERT Training- Station 75- 10am-12pm
Thursday May 4- MVFA Monthly Board meeting- 3pm- Station 75
Saturday May 6, 13- MFPD Firefighter Wildland Training- 8am- Station 75 & Finnon Lake
Saturday May 20- Community Evacuation Drill 10am-11:30am Swansboro Airport
Saturday May 20- 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off Finnon Lake 12pm-4pm

--Jack Rosevear, Chief