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April 2022

4/4/2022 10:18am

MFPD PSA – MFPD Training 

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – FF Coleman Johns just graduated EMT and has passed the National Registry. FF Johns graduated top of his class. EMT is over 200 hours of classroom, skills testing and field time on a paramedic ambulance. CPT Morgan Lugo will graduate in a month. FF Trevor Dillender and Engineer Devin Hern are scheduled to start EMT training the first week of April. Training expenses are reimbursed with funds from the FEMA R/R (Recruitment and Retention) Grant for all volunteer firefighters.

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Class – MFPD is awaiting final quote and dates for EMR training. MFPD will have a total of 6 spots that will be filled between volunteers and support group members that cannot make it to the EMT school due to jobs and families etc. EMR training consists of 80 hours of classroom and skills testing.

Wildland Academy (Basic 32) – MFPD has partnered with Future Fire Academy in Placerville. FF Trevor Dillender finished this 8-week academy where he ended up with all certs required to attain a Red Card (Incident Qualification Card) for wildland season. We’ll be sending 5 new volunteer firefighters brought on as seasonal firefighters for wildland season. This will bring our number of fully certified wildland firefighters this season to 11 which will ensure station staffing and the ability to deploy the OES engine without problems or personnel burn out.

FF1 Academy – MFPD will be sending volunteers to FF1 academy in the fall of 2022 and January 2023. FFs Coleman Johns, Trevor Dillender and Engineer Devin Hern are currently scheduled to attend one of the academies.

Tuesday Night Training – 

Tuesday Night Trainings have been quite successful, training focus will shift to wildland firefighting as we prepare for what may be another dangerous fire season. Interested community members are invited to come to the station on Tuesday night between 6pm-8pm and check out volunteer opportunities or just to see your fire department in action.