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Summer - Mosquito Rd and Bridge Closure Information

Closure InformationDetour Map

May 10 - Board Vacancy Notice

Board Vacancy Letter

 February 23 - Ryan Hopkins Becomes Lieutenant

Image of Ryan Hopkins having his Lieutenant's badge pinned on by his mom at the February Board meeting

"I am pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan Hopkins to the rank of Lieutenant and Coleman Johns to the rank of Engineer. Ryan has been a volunteer with the District since February 2021 and has previous experience firefighting and fire engine operating for the US Forest Service. Ryan has the ability to fix just about anything and has saved the District thousands of dollars in fire engine downtime and labor costs. There have been many times that Ryan discovered problems with apparatus which would have possibly led to safety or other issues at an emergency scene. Ryan is a proficient trainer and mentor to new firefighters. Ryan was seriously injured in the line of duty at the Gravel Road Fire in 2021 and was cleared to return to duty last October. Ryan was the 2021 District Firefighter of the Year. We are fortunate to have Ryan and he will do very well in his new position." 

-- Chief's Report 02/23/2023